Most Influential Female Monarch-Majesty of Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II has been the reigning monarch of Great Britain and Northern Ireland since February 6, 1952. As of 2016, she has reigned for sixty-three years, seven months, and two days. She is both the oldest and longest-reigning monarch in British history and the world’s longest-reigning current head of state and head of government. Elizabeth was born at 17 Bruton Street in London on April 21, 1926, at 2:30 pm during the reign of her uncle, King George V.

Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving and most influential female monarch in British history. She has held the title of Queen of England and Scotland since 1952 and is also the Head of the Commonwealth. Her wealth has been estimated at £215 billion (equivalent to £2,576 per person). Her total net worth is £483 million (equivalent to £25 per person).


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She was the first female monarch of the United Kingdom and the first British monarch of the modern era. Her reign saw significant changes in the way that the British government functioned, and she was responsible for making major strides in social and political reform. Her reign also saw the rise of a new generation of British leaders, including Prime Ministers David Cameron and Gordon Brown.

Becoming a Leader

When the Second World War ended, it was not the end of conflict for Britain’s new reigning monarch. This most influential female monarch’s family had to restore peace with their wartime enemies and her country with its people. Now is her chance to pass on what she has learned to younger generations, by becoming a leader in a way that ensures no one need to suffer as she did as a young girl during wartime. A legacy without violence.

When I started my reign, my whole life changed – I lost my freedom and found myself having to make some of the most difficult decisions any human being could face. But these years have also been among the most satisfying and stimulating of my life. I have gained experience which I can use at this later stage


Leading by Example

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne of England in 1952. The longevity, stability, and success of her reign is unmatched by any other in history. In total, she has been sovereign for over 63 years—the longest on record- with her Diamond Jubilee marking 60 years as Queen this year.

Throughout this time, she has been a beacon of strength for the UK, guiding it through its darkest moments with dignity and resolve. Yet, she has also been highly accessible to her people, whether exchanging pleasantries with children at public events or opening up about herself and others in interviews. To mark this milestone occasion, we’ve rounded up some lesser-known facts about Her Majesty below.


Maintaining a Mannerly Presence

Queen Elizabeth II has now served her country for 63 years and continues to do so with a sense of duty that not many people could ever aspire to. Regardless of how hard she works or what obligations she has, she always maintains her own special touch: the graciousness, modesty, and style that have won her admirers from all around the world.  Her words are an example of her dedication to public service: I want my whole life-my whole life-to to be devoted to your service.

A servant? No! A most influential female monarch!  To serve as a kind of extension of their father’s will and for stability in uncertain times, King George VI was crowned before his brother Edward VIII abdicated. Edward’s sister-in-law – the new Queen Elizabeth – had two small children at the time and was soon pregnant again. She became one of England’s most important symbols when on December 20th, 1944, she broadcast to the nation on Christmas Day.


Acting as Head of State

Queen Elizabeth II is the Monarch of sixteen independent Commonwealth Realms, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Jamaica, and Barbados. She acts as Head of State for these countries on behalf of their respective governments. This role involves working with those governments to promote unity amongst the countries by traveling around the world. To meet with her fellow Heads of State at various events such as conferences or state dinners.

As well as this important work, she also undertakes a wide range of duties within the United Kingdom such as receiving visiting heads of state and hosting official visits from other monarchs. In recent years she has carried out a number of engagements in support of charities both in this country and overseas.


Showing Gratitude in Public

It’s clear to see why this most influential female monarch so well loved as the people show their gratitude in public. Whether it’s cheering her on at Trooping the Colour or just being so generous with one another, you can sense how much they love her. It seems she is someone they want to please.

You see that in how they rejoice when she makes a rare appearance in public. Or holds her hand as she walks by their table.  And what strikes me most about this is that they seem like they’re not waiting for anything in return. They’re just happy because she’s there with them, giving back all the goodwill she receives.


Ensuring a Long Reign as Monarch

Longevity is the name of the game for Britain’s monarchs. To keep this tradition alive, it is paramount that a new heir should be there as soon as possible. After the death or abdication of her majesty. Whoever he may be, this newly crowned king will have his work cut out for him. Perhaps more so than any other monarch before him.

No longer does he enjoy the luxuries of an all-powerful ruler. Instead, this mere man (assuming he has no daughters) must negotiate with world leaders. Form relations with foreign countries, enact domestic policy in response to changing social issues (terrorism, climate change), and more. And all without risking the existence of his kingdom on these uncertain seas.

The Monarch’s power is further limited by Parliament. The constitution allows for both houses to block bills they do not agree with. Moreover, as we have learned in modern times, a prime minister can be called upon to govern without Parliament’s approval. Something that undoubtedly undermines the powers of our monarchical ruler you must constantly concern yourself with providing an heir).


Queen Elizabeth’s reign as a monarch is proof that she is a formidable force that is hard to stop. She has managed to survive two world wars and lived through immense hardship as well as periods of prosperity. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that she is the most powerful woman on Earth.

Queen Elizabeth is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Her wealth comes from her ownership of a large number of businesses. And her vast collection of physical and financial assets. Her net worth is estimated to be $US2.3 billion, which makes her one of the world’s richest women. She is also the owner of a large number of charitable organizations and was a part of many important initiatives.

To summarize her long reign as queen. She has worked tirelessly to maintain peace in England while inspiring confidence in its people; she cares deeply for children. Which has resulted in various reforms aimed at improving their welfare. And her commitment to international relations during times of war or crisis has helped avert disaster for many nations. For more visit One Daily News the global news network.



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